www.blpetrebates.com - Activate & Claim Offer Now

Steps to activate the card:

After getting the card, a user needs to follow some simple steps to activate it. These are as follows:-

1. Visit the official website at prepaid.bipetrebates.com activate.

2. Now enter 6 digit number on your card.

3. Now click on the enter button for activating the card.

4. After the activation process is completed, details will get appeared in front of your screen, including the transaction, balance, setting up your pin, and statements.

We suggest you keep the details confidential because if you have shared with someone and a person misused it, no person other than you will be responsible for the losses. Therefore keep things confidential and then deal with other things related to it.

Final Conclusion

Now it is quite clear that a user can easily apply for the card and activate it as well. Here we have shared all the details considering the same so that no such trouble will arise to you later on. If there is something, we suggest you mention it in the comments section so that we can help you in dealing with it easily.